Smashing Misconceptions X Troy Wheeler Contracting

A common double-edged sword that most businesses in the civil engineering sector come across; being very known for only one of the services you provide can severely limit your business opportunities. So you can imagine when TWC reached out to us, our first goal was to create exposure for TWC with Tier 1 tender operators and other civil sector infrastructure managers. Through using the B2B platform LinkedIn, our team focused on a long term strategy of informative and engaging content to get TWC in front of the right people. Hours planning and researching the civil sector went into ensuring TWC forms the right connections, builds it’s target audiences to ensure that its content is seen by the right people, slowly working to change the TWC brand perception and open up more doors. With experience working with businesses in the Civil sector, the production team was ready to spend multiple days filming on site, donning their high-vis vests and all other PPE equipment.

Shane Cameron X CounterPunch Fitness App

One of the largest industries to be affected by 2020s COVID19 lockdowns was the fitness industry and things were no different for NZ boxing legend Shane Cameron with his gym SCF and fitness programs. During this period regular clients and fans were demanding new ways to keep fit and active at home without having access to regular gym equipment. This gave birth to The Counterpunch Fitness App. We were tasked with planning, capturing and combining Shane’s 25 years of boxing knowledge and experience into a series of short training videos. We planned multiple video campaigns from boxing combos, workouts anyone can do at home, machine exercises and 25 years of insights from Shane which in the end resulted in shooting over 150 videos; and that was just for the app itself. To complement this we devised a multi-layer marketing strategy for the app itself, which included plans for the launch of the app, Sales videos, Social Media ads and strategic marketing campaigns to reach and engage with the target audience.

Israel “Stylebender” Adesanya X MyProteinUK

Only 2 weeks before Israel was due to fly out for UFC 259, The Hut Group owned brand My Protein reached out with a need to film Israel’s last days in NZ for their On The Wall Series. What do you get when you have a one week timeframe for production planning, specific equipment requirements and a superstar’s air-tight schedule to work with? This Masterpiece! To match the exact cinematic look of other On The Wall series videos shot in multiple countries by other The Hut Group production partners, we were tasked with sourcing the same top of the line cinematic cameras and equipment for the job. Following this we had a brief planning session with Israel on how we can best capture his every move for two-days before flying out. We executed this without interfering in his daily routine with a 3-man production crew. From waking up in the morning, to what Israel had for lunch to even what he does to prepare for bed – every move was captured on film and combined to make the video fit for My Protein’s viral marketing campaign.

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